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Forest Hill High School Halftime Band Performance

On September 29, 2018, two Brookhaven police officers were murdered in an early morning shootout, in the performace of their duties. The officers have been identified as 31-year-old Corporal Zach Moak, who was hired by the department in August of 2015; and 35-year-old patrolman James White, who was hired in June of 2015.

On October 5, 2018, during a Friday night high school football game, between Forest Hill High School and Brookhaven High School, the Forest Hill High Band puts on a performance, depicting high school students dressed as doctors and nurses, holding other students, the latter dressed as police SWAT Team members, at gun point. THIS, during a high school football game!

This fact has now been shared, literally hundreds of times across Facebook, with many from the right and left airing their disapproval.

Our band director picks our show themes not everyone is gonna like them but I don’t know why any one would pick something like this. You’d think some of the students would speak up and say something even if we had a bunch of unnecessary shootings any where. Don’t understand. Wonder if they’ll perform this a band competition

Charges should be pressed on them for bringing guns to a school event! There have been children expelled for bringing fake guns on school property! Such poor taste!
How can school officials let them do this

How was this allowed to even happen? Sick and crazy people. They should all be expelled & who ever is over them Principles & Teachers should be fired. This is uncalled for.

I demand a public apology from this band director and band members. Not written one, but come back to BHS, stand in the middle of the football field and apologize to the entire community.

I can’t even imagine what the citizens of Brookhaven must have felt. My prayers are with you all. I’m so sorry that this disgraceful band performed so inconsiderable.

Jackson Public Schools was contacted for a comment but have, as yet, not responded.