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Mid-Term Elections Next Month

Bear in mind, folks, this is coming from a layman political watcher (me) and I'm telling you, it's critical that each one of us gets out to the polls next month. I know how easy it is to sit back and say that we have an excellent President in the White House and we were successful in seeing Brett Kavanaugh sworn in to the Supreme Court. And it's that sort of complacency that the Democrats are counting on in November. Still not convinced? Listen to Nancy Pelosi.


She is counting on having the gavel passed to her, again, in November. She believes that she will once again take the reins as House Speaker. In the video Pelosi says “Yes, I anticipate that I’ll be the person with the gavel in hand, but I haven’t asked anybody for a vote, in fact, I’ve told the candidates, ‘Do whatever you have to do, just win baby,’” said Pelosi. “But I do think that I’m in very good shape with my caucus.”

President Trump is doing his part in his campaign pledge to "Make America Great Again." Republicans need to circle the wagons, unite and help him by making certain that we remain the majority after November!

We can do this!!