The Perpetual Victim

If you don't know one....well.....

The Perpetual Victim
Have you ever known a "perpetual victim?"
I'm talking about somebody whom you have learned to not ask "how are you doing?" I'm talking about somebody who has something wrong going on in their life, every day of the week and sometimes it's double that on weekends!
Now, just to be sure, I'm not talking about somebody who is legitimately, quite frequently, ill. I'm talking about about that individual who is suffering from "SES" or self-entitlement syndrome. I'm talking about that person whose problems are all caused by somebody else (NEVER the victim).
What's that? You ask "do you know somebody like that?" Well, unfortunately, I do. If I was into this sort of thing, I'll go as far to say the one I know would be an interesting case study but I'm not into that, so I won't say that.
What I do find truly interesting is, this individual thinks I have a "perfect" life, in that I don't have any issues. Well, that's almost funny. Almost because it's so far from the truth, it really doesn't come close to being factual. Right now, I have a LOT on my plate. Don't worry, there's absolutely nothing wrong between me and Teri and I would never go into any details, simply because I'm not wired like that. The issues (yes, that is plural) are significantly serious and three of them I apparently have no control over rectifying. I've tried. Repeatedly. Trust me, they all are committed to prayer and that's as far as I can take it.
Now, back to the subject at hand.
The point is, my life is anything but perfect. I simply do, each day, that which I feel the Lord would have me do. I say the Lord, only because I learned a long time ago, if I rely strictly on me, the only thing that's going to happen is the hole will get deeper.
So, Ron, what do you do with your "perpetual victim?" I commit that person to prayer as well. There's not doubt they have some serious issues but I have come to realize the fact that everybody has issues that are serious to them. I mean everybody. You may make it through this life with some spots whereas you can catch your breath every now and then but when you reach my age, you hopefully will have learned to take a deep breath when it gets below your chin. That way, when the tide comes back in, you'll be able to "ride it out."
So, to the perpetual victims in the world, I'm (truly) sorry to say "you're not the only one with problems. You're just the only one that's spreading the fact."
Here's hoping your next "high tide" isn't a tsunami.

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